For all exterior commercial and public centre’s

Heavy Duty

To meet the requirements of high-traffic public utilities, specially designed Glide Mass Transit Escalators are suited for continuous large crowds, indoor or outdoor, and operate perfectly under all climatic conditions.

Drive-Chain Contact

This contact monitors the drive-chain for breakage. When actuated, the contact will stop the escalator.

Phase Monitor

A safety feature which monitors the main power supply and disables on event of phase failure or reversal.

Maintenance locking device

The normal key start will be invalid. The inspection sockets in up and down machine room aren’t usable at same time.

Speed Monitor

Monitors the speed of the flywheel as well as avoids reversing. Will stop for speed over 120% or under 80%.

Basic Specifications
Installation Indoor/semi-outdoor/outdoor
Inclination 30°/35°
Step Width 600/800/1000 mm
Horizontal step run 800/1200/1600 mm
Speed 0.5/0.65 m/s
Capacity 3600/4800/6000 pers/hr for step width 600/800/1000 mm respectively
Power Supply AC 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Lighting Supply AC Single-phase, 50/60 Hz
Balustrade Design Vertical safety glass (10mm safety tempered glass) or inclined Stainless Steel
Balustrade Profile Hairlne ST/ST
Handril Black, other colours optional
Deckings Hairline ST/ST
Skirting Panel Hairline ST/ST
Step Die-cast aluminium, painted silver grey, optional black
Landing Plate Etched ST/ST with anti-slip pattern
Operation Panel Red emergency stop button, up/down key switches



At Johnson, we manufacture High Speed,
Energy Efficient, Green, BMS/RMS Compatible, Aesthetically rich and durable lifts and escalators.
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Escalators for Commercial places

Complies with European code EN 115 and international codes

Escalators for public places

Weatherproofing & unique balustrade design conform customer specs

Walkalators for Public places

Specially designed to meet high-traffic utilities, indoor or outdoor

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Additional Features

Safety is our utmost priority

Safety Features


Type Fet FEF FEW
Inclination 10°, 11°, 12° 10°, 11°, 12° 0° – 6°
Pallet Width 800/1000 800/1000 1000/1200/1400
Horizontal Pallet run 400 (upper landing) 400 N/A
Speed 0.5 0.5 0.5
Speed 3600/4800/6000 for pallet width 600, 800 1000, 1200, 1400 mm respectively
Power Supply AC 3-phase, 50/60 Hz.
Lighting Supply Ac Single-phase, 50/60 Hz.