Safety is our utmost priority

Contactless Convenience

in your control
Designed to be simple and easy to use, Johnson EyeRIS connects your smartphone to your Lift system using QR code technology and lets you operate your Lift by just tapping the buttons on your screen. Now, you can be sure your Lift experience is not only smooth, but also safe.
  • Use EyeRIS on your phone to
    bring the Lift to your floor
  • Select the destination
    level/floor you want to reach.
  • Practice social distancing
    the smart and secure way.


  • JOHNSON LIFTS EyeRIS app can be
    downloaded from Google Play store and App Store
  • Once EyeRIS gets opened, your mobile is
    ready to scan JOHNSON LIFTS QR code
  • Just place the mobile in front of the QR code
    available in the Landing Operating Panels.
  • Press SCAN button and wait
    for floor buttons to appear
  • First select “present floor” and
    then press “destination floor”
  • Once the call request is confirmed, corresponding call
    (UP or DOWN) button starts glowing
  • Please wait for the Lift to
    reach present floor
  • Enter after Lift door opens
    in the present floor
  • You can see the selected floor button
    in the Car Operating Panel glowing
  • Wait for the Lift to reach the
    destination floor
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